Confidential Access

Starling Corporation has extensive experience and sound knowledge of the Canadian and Indian markets. Our strength enables us to provide business development support to organizations operating in the Canada-India domain.

  • Marketing Strategies picture

    Starling helps its clients to develop a sound marketing strategy including designing of market entry, pricing, product promotion and positioning strategies. It partners with you to open opportunities in India and Canada.

  • Supply Chain and Distribution picture

    Starling helps you design and implement an optimal supply chain. We help you reduce costs, meet customer needs, and improve efficiency. Starling partners with you to maximize profits, streamline operations, and increase delivery reliability. It helps you establish a sound distribution network that helps you meet your client needs.

  • Strategic Business Alliances picture

    Starling works with companies across Canada and India to identify, evaluate, and establish Strategic Business Alliances.

  • Risk Mitigation picture

    Starling helps its clients to mitigate the country risk; financial risk and project risk and helps its clients to put in place the best practices and procedures to mitigate these risks.

  • Financing picture

    We help you to raise capital and accelerate the growth of your company, strengthen your balance sheet, or monetize the value of your business. Starling has an extensive network of angel investors, venture capital firms, private equity firms as well as other sources of financing.


  • "Our partnership with Starling Corporation has added an expert team of marketing consultants as an extension to our staff."

    - Parasol Inc.

  • "Starling Corporation’s intelligence about the market has been indispensable as have the specific opportunities identified. We look forward to a continued and productive relationship with them."

    - The Foreign Affairs Winery

  • “ I was introduced to the principals at Starling Corporation through a personal friend. He had worked with them previously. As we were considering global market opportunities he thought Starling would be a good fit as it had previously facilitated business development activities in India. I have been very satisfied with their integrity, work ethic and commitment to addressing our needs. They scoped out the project and managed it to the agreed timeline and deadlines.”

    - Dr Geoff Houlton President, CEO & Chief Medical Officer, Heart Force Medical Inc.